An automotive vehicle’s cooling system requires regular servicing and maintenance throughout the year, not just in the hot summer months! It is advisable to have the cooling system flushed and coolant replaced at least once in every two years. Not only does it ensure you have a smooth travel, but it also maintains the optimal performance of your car or vehicle’s radiator.

Radiators Simplified

If you are an automotive novice, you can feel weighed down by the terminologies car experts use like radiators, flushing, and pressure testing. A radiator is built with the purpose of circulating a cooling agent (or coolant) like water or oil, transferring heat to the air flowing through it. This is vital for maintaining the engine’s optimum temperature. Most modern vehicles come fitted with aluminum radiators and plastic tanks.

Professional Services

C & C Radiators offer expert radiator installation, repair and maintenance services. From diagnosis to repair to replacement – our team of skilled technicians help you get back on the road in minimum time! We cater to the whole range of automotive radiator and cooling system services as listed below.

Radiator Repair & Replacement

If your car is getting heated up more frequently than usual, or you are noticing a pool of liquid leaking from your car, or there’s steam emerging from your engine while you are driving on road, contact a professional automotive expert immediately as your radiator might need repair or replacement. At C & C Radiators, we offer radiator repair by qualified technicians. If the radiator needs to be replaced, the systematic process begins with leak detection, followed by removal of old radiator and coolant and installation of new radiator.

Radiator Cleaning

C & C Radiators offer radiator cleaning and flushing service for all vehicle makes and models. Our expert radiator specialists recommend getting your radiator flushed regularly to maintain the cooling system’s performance. Furthermore, frequent flushing helps contain the build up of debris in the cooling system, preventing it from blocking the radiator’s tubes. This goes a long way in keeping the engine running at the ideal temperature.

Our radiator cleaning service is a 4-step process including:

  • Inspecting the radiator for leakage
  • Adding flushing chemicals to the radiator
  • Removal of old coolant and contaminants from the radiator
  • Filling the radiator with new coolant and anti-freeze fluid

Radiator Recoring

While recoring your radiator, C & C’s technicians will remove the tank and side mounting brackets from your old radiator, sand blast and refit them. In case your vehicle’s radiator and cooling system is very old or has undergone thermal shock, our experts may recommend replacing the tank tops to give the radiator a new life.

Heater Core Repair

We offer repair and replacement of car heater cores. C & C Radiators stock and supply heater cores as a perfect-fit replacement for almost all makes and models of cars. All our heater cores adhere to industry guidelines for safety and quality, and come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Custom Built Radiators

C & C Radiators service radiators for all cars ranging from the high performance sports cars to luxury sedans to commercial vehicles. Additionally, we can also custom design a radiator to suit the specific needs of your vehicle. If there is a radiator or cooling system replacement part that is not in stock with us, we can arrange it for you in minimum time frame, given our wide network of suppliers.

Engine Flushing

At C & C Radiators, we offer engine flushing using non-solvent type flushing chemicals which allow for maximum contaminant drainage, thereby, prolonging the life of the engine and enhancing its efficiency.

Pressure Testing

Our pressure testing of cooling systems helps in detecting coolant leaks from the radiator. This enables our technicians to diagnose the extent of damage and determine whether the radiator needs to be repaired or replaced.


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